Blogging Tips: How To Inspire Creativity







Today’s post is for all of the creative artists out there. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, blogger, or just someone who loves to make things, you’re also an artist. Ever since I was young I loved to create things. I drew, wrote, created collages, decorated, took photos- you name it. If I don’t work on any kind of project for a few days, I start to get fidgety and anxious as if I’m forgetting something really important. Creativity has always been my outlet- it’s a way for me to express myself through what I make.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you also know the other side to this problem. Writer’s call it writer’s block. For some reason, you find yourself in a place where you’re just not motivated to create anything. Maybe you feel like there’s no point, or as though you’re not good enough, or just can’t find anything to inspire you. I’ve been here many times and have come up with a few tips for those who are in need of a little inspiration!

1. Inspiration Board- The first two photos are pages of my inspiration board, or binder, or pages.. whatever you want to call it. When you’re feeling inspired, grab a few magazines and photos, and cut out the pictures that make you feel something positive. When you make inspirational collages that you feel good about, they can really help you get back on your feet when you’re feeling a lack of motivation to create.

2. Organizing- I have a scrapbook that also works as an agenda. Sometimes setting goals aligned with dates can help you have something to work towards. Having goals and aspirations is what really drives true creativity, and organizing your ideas can make this step a little bit easier.

3. Seek Out Work of Others- Instead of looking at other bloggers, writers, photographers, etc. as competition, and allowing their success to scare you into thinking you couldn’t possibly do what they do, use them as inspiration. When you see someone doing something great don’t think to yourself “whoa, I could never be like that, or I could never do that”. Instead use their material to inspire your own. You have someone to look up to, and if you think positively you can use their success to encourage you to pour yourself into your own work just as they do.

4. Collecting Your Work- I cut out and save every article I write for the school paper. I’m really proud of my writing, and so when I have times of doubt I look back on my pieces and remember why I do what I do. Collect work that you’re proud of and save it so that you can look back and remind yourself that you are talented. Artists have this impressive (not to mention self destructive) ability to look at, critique and tear apart their work until they completely lose confidence in it and hate it. Look at your work and remember why you were so proud when you first finished it, which in turn will motivate you to continue to create.

Creativity is a beautiful gift that everyone has and should embrace. Sometimes you might have to sit down and force yourself to create, while at other times a break can help clear your mind. Hopefully these tips have been some help to those who need a bit of motivation to keep on keepin’ on.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!




Merry Christmas lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday filled with family, happiness and joy. Yesterday I got all dolled up for Christmas Eve Dinner and of course- to open my gifts! It’s Polish tradition to open gifts the night before; something I’ve always loved ever since I was a kid. This year, gifts weren’t heavily on my mind as I was more grateful for spending time with my family. Today I did a little bit of last minute gift wrapping and started reading my new book by Katie Heaney that I treated myself to. My parents bought me a lovely watch, and a pair of Canada gloves that were stuffed with money- they’re always trying to find slick ways to trick me and sadly they’re still doing a pretty good job of that! They also surprised me by offering me a trip around Europe once I graduate this year (I’m the first to graduate from University from the family). I’m so excited and am already planning the trip with a friend thanks to my amazing and loving parents.

We also went to the Toronto Christmas Market in the Distillery District. I totally recommend anyone who is in the area to give it a visit! It’s meant to resemble the German Christmas Markets that are up each year, and since my parents are from Europe and visited these markets themselves they loved to have a little piece of Europe right here in Toronto.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas and spending time with their families or loved ones today. Remember to appreciate those closest to you because that’s what this time is truly meant for. Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!



Photo Diary

image| My obligatory ugly Christmas Sweater | Gift wrapping supplies courtesy of Chapters | Exchanging gifts with the gals at Jacks | Relaxing in my knee highs with my much needed cup of hot chocolate | Out of the woods | A special gift for a special friend |

I’ve been seeing a lot of collages on various blogs I follow lately, and I really like the look of them! So, naturally I decided to start capturing some of my favourite moments in a photo diary. Most of my time has been spent celebrating the end of the semester with friends, exchanging gifts, and relaxing on my days off. Now that I’m on holiday I have the freedom to work on solo projects- I feel more busy than I did while I was in school! (Funny how that works, isn’t it?).


My Weekend




There’s something about being outdoors that keeps you humble and reminds you to appreciate the little things. This weekend, after running through busy shopping malls full of hectic crowds panicking to find the perfect gifts (something I’m sure most of you have experienced  too) it was a nice change to explore a place completely isolated and quiet. Whenever I feel uninspired, or feel like my mind is too cluttered I just head out and find somewhere new to wander and clear my mind. The outdoors is the one place I can just go to feel completely at peace and stop worrying about the things that don’t matter.

I hope everyone had a weekend as lovely as mine and found a bit of time to relax and enjoy the holidays!