Boho- Chic Inspired Room Decor

roseAs the weather gets warmer; we trade our boyfriend jeans in for floral dresses, our beanies for chic head wraps, and our lattes for fraps. Along with the wardrobe and casual drink swaps, you suddenly might feel the urge to revamp your room and give it a bit of a summer makeover, if you’ll call it that. This year, I’m really loving the bohemian-hippie style that’s become a trend overall, but I especially love how it’s made its way into room decor as well! A few must haves to create the perfect boho-chic are:

String Lighting– you can hang these lights from essentially anywhere in your room and they give it a nice, relaxed vibe.

Tapestries– whether you hang them on your walls or around your bed, these are a must have to create that down to earth, fort looking space in your room.

Plants– plants can give your room a more lively, nature-inspired, harmonious look that is essential for that bohemian look!

Wall art– any room looks great with a bit of wall art to show what you love and create the tone and atmosphere you want your space to embody.

Here are a few of my favourite looks that you can draw inspiration from and find certain items you’re looking for to vamp up your room!

urban            Get this look here

firefly        Get this look here

pin   More details here

scute             Get this look here

Hopefully you enjoyed some of these adorable spaces and ideas that could help turn your room into the perfect summer bohemian getaway spot! What are some of your room decor tips? I’d love to hear from you guys below!

  • Rita Ramos

    You have an amazing blog! What you think of follow for follow?


    • Diana Maria

      Thank you love! I’d love to- will give your blog a look! xo

  • These rooms are just lovely! So my cup of tea 🙂 Thank you for the ideas!

    • Diana Maria

      I’m glad you liked them as much as I did Katya, thank you! xo

  • These look amazing!! I wish my boyfriend would let me do this to our room!


    • I agree! Mine would not be happy! Let’s make a petition lol! 😉

      • Diana Maria

        You definitely should, us girls know what we’re doing when it comes to decorating rooms 🙂 xo

    • Diana Maria

      Aw haha I could see why he might not be too persuaded, if only us ladies could be in charge of all things decor!

  • So many photos and rooms I adore. I wish I could redecorate mine

    xx Naomi in Wonderland

    • Diana Maria

      I know if only I had the time and money, redecorating rooms is such an exciting thing to do!

  • At Wednesdays I Wear Pink

    I just love those lights.


    • Diana Maria

      Ah me too, they’re so comforting and cute!

  • I gotta redecorate my room ASAP, haha — I love these inspirations, thanks for sharing!

    May x •

    • Diana Maria

      Me too, I’ve grown so tired of my same old look. Thank you May! xo

  • I’m always so afraid to play around with patterns but these always look so good! I love it!
    You’re making me wanna spend money I don’t have! Haha.

    • Diana Maria

      Haha oh trust me I know the feeling, I wish some of these options were less expensive because I’d love to revamp my room like this! xo

  • Sophie Smith

    I love the wall hangings and the Moroccan lamps. They make a room look so cozy!

    • Diana Maria

      I agree it’s such a cute contrast!

  • What a perfect space, such a fan of lighting around mirrors. So pretty

    • Diana Maria

      I know I love any kind of lights strung around a room, its such a pretty look!

  • Beautiful inspiration!

    Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you love!

  • One of my favourite posts today! I love all the boho inspiration 🙂

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Ana, I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

  • I love boho! Im allabout the plants and bright fabrics!

    • Diana Maria

      Me too it’s such a fun and laid back look! xo

  • lauren

    I love boho these rooms give such a relaxing vibe and your blog is great!

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Lauren! xo

  • GORGEOUS!!! Love this!!!

  • OMG so In Love:) Beautiful

  • Egle Rymolaityte