How To Create Your Dream Life


Before quitting my job, packing up my belongings and moving out west to the mountains, I never imagined that the dream life I created and live today could ever be a possibility. I wake up every morning in awe of how far I’ve come and how I alone, was able to create a life I fall in love with every single day.

Have you ever dreamed of a life that was built around doing what you love? Have you ever considered your dreams a possible reality?

imageIf you’re looking for ways to turn your dreams into a reality, and create a life that you truly love- you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 tips on how to get started with pursuing your dreams, which will hopefully be of great use to you on this journey!

Start Today

Make yourself a plan today. Not tomorrow, next week, or next month but today! The longer you hold off on taking that first step towards your goals, the further away they will drift from you. Life can become hectic and so overwhelmingly busy at times that we often lose track of our goals and what it is that we want from life- so make yourself a clear plan today, and spend each day working towards it. Your future self will thank you!


Create Monthly Goals

Have a goal set for yourself by the end of each month, and work your way towards reaching those goals. Every dream needs a plan, and your goals will help you stay on track towards creating a reality from your dreams. Write them down on paper to make sure you follow through with them. Monthly goals will help you learn consistency- which is key when pursuing big dreams.

Have A Little Faith

There will always be people who disagree with your choices, dreams, and lifestyle. You will have people doubting you and discouraging you from pursuing your dreams because they’re too ridiculous, crazy, or my favourite- unrealistic. Don’t let the harsh words of others bring you down! If dreams were all simple to achieve, everyone would be living a life they loved and dreamed of having. It isn’t going to be easy, but you are your number one supporter, so stay strong and keep pursuing!


Accept Failure

You will feel defeated and hopeless at times when nothing seems to go your way. You won’t see the vision of your dreams come to fruition right away, it takes time. You will have challenges and obstacles that you won’t be able to overcome for much longer than you’d like. Some people will call this failure, but it’s all part of the process. Mistakes will teach you along the way and shape you into a stronger, more motivated person. Don’t sweat the small stuff or let your challenges bring you down. Keep going, and you will see the other side!

Stay Consistent

Once you have a routine and start to see the outcome of your hard work, don’t slow down! Keep going, and stay as consistent as you can with your hard work. Consistency is one of the most important parts of reaching goals and following your dreams. It may seem repetitive, difficult and exhausting at times but it will all pay off. Don’t slack as things just start to pick up- that’s just the beginning!


  • To me, life is all about doing what you love, pursuing your passion and not giving up on your dreams so I always tell myself that it IS possible to create your dream life 🙂 Reading about how far you’ve come & reading your tips really reminded me of that again & inspired me so thank you for sharing. I think the most important ones are starting today & accepting failure x


    • Diana Maria

      I couldn’t agree more Sara, it is possible even when it seems like such a distant task to create your dream life. I hope you continue on the path of creating a life that makes you happy as well love, thank you!

  • You are one of those inspirational people I know, Diana! This is a wonderful post and I strongly agree with everything you noted in this post. It’s so important to seek the life you want and do things you want and that make you happy. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Diana Maria

      You’re so kind Leta! Thank you love, I’m so glad you enjoyed it and are working on your own set of goals to be happy in your life!

  • joyscrls

    I love your posts. Soooo inspiring, especially to someone like me who just started blogging and have plans for bigger things in the future.

    Lots of love,