I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, But I’m Heading Into The Unknown

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“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

When we graduate school, we’re often expected to get right into working in our fields and create a career for ourselves. We should have it all figured out, right?

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Our 20’s Are Full of The Unknown

Even our 30’s are filled with the unknown for many of us. When we finish school or simply reach our twenties, we start to feel the weight of expectations on us. For years we worked hard to graduate or to work up to a certain point in our lives, only to realize we might no longer know where that is. We worry if we’re on the right track, if we’re doing the right thing or if we should be doing something else.

Everyone’s Path Is Different

One of the most amazing parts about life is that we are all so different. We each have different passions, hobbies, talents and dreams that define us. If we are each unique, it’s unrealistic for us to all travel down such similar roads. Attend university, graduate, get a stable job, create a career, get married.. and so it goes.  It’s okay if you’re doing something that sets you apart from all of your friends. There’s nothing wrong with yearning for different things from life, that’s what makes us who we are.

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Expectations Happen

We may have expectations put on us that pressure us, but it’s important to stay strong and follow what we truly want for ourselves. If you don’t know what that is just yet, the beauty is all in finding out. There will be expectations set on us by many throughout our lives, but the most important expectations are those we set for ourselves. Are you happy with what you’re doing? Are you doing what you truly feel you wish to do? That’s what will send you closer to where you wish to be, so don’t let the stress of expectations drag you down. You are your own person. Trust yourself!

Life never goes according to plan, but that’s the sheer beauty of it. We never know what to expect, and rather than fearing that, isn’t it time we embrace it? Life is constantly changing and there is no way to predict what will happen. The unknown is scary, but it’s also a chance for new, exciting opportunities that would not gravitate towards you otherwise.

Have you ever felt as though you had no idea where you were headed in life? Let’s hear your stories!


  • Totally feel what you are saying! Life is a mystery which is sometimes never solved, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing 🙂


  • Yes! I really agree and its something i’ve been thinking about too. I don’t think there is any stage in anyones life where you have the perfect plan or know exactly what your doing and isn’t that the beauty of life? That we can do anything and be anyone and we don’t know what is going to happen. Just enjoy the ride!

    • Diana Maria

      I’m glad you think so too Melanie! Thank you for reading! 🙂

  • I am currently still choosing what course to take and I am still confused. Just like you said, expectations happen. I have expectations for myself and other people has expectations as well and it is putting so much pressure on me, but thank you for reminding me that they always happen and that I have to trust myself 🙂 trust myself to choose what makes me happy and where I should be.

    yuki, solivagantic

    • Diana Maria

      I’ve been in the same place that you are in now, just know you will find what you do enjoy through taking new opportunities! Thank you for reading Yuki xx

  • Caitlin

    Society puts so much pressure on all of us. I feel like there is still a stigma attached to work from home jobs, like anyone who has one just sits around and has fun at home all day when that couldn’t be further from the truth!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    • Diana Maria

      It really does! I agree, many people who work at home put so much time into their jobs which not everyone realizes. Thank you for stopping by Caitlin! xx

  • Couldn’t agree more. Even though we might have a plan for our life, life really likes to throw us curve balls that we can’t control. So even if you have an idea in mind of what you want your life to be, learning to be happy with where you are currently is so important.

    Brittany | thechicette.com

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Brittany, I couldn’t have said it better myself! xo

  • Couldn’t agree with post more! Especially as someone in their mid 20s!

    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Elizabeth! xx

  • Lydia May

    So true! Life throws so many unexpected things at us so there’s sometimes no plan for them.


    • Diana Maria

      I think so too! Thank you for reading Lydia xx

  • I’m a nurse and I’m still seriously trying to figure out what I want in this field. Loving this entry though!

    cabin twenty-four

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Eena, I hope you do find what you love to do and wish you all the best! xx

  • I’ve always felt like everyone else already had it “figured out” and then there was me, who didn’t know which path I really wanted to take, as I knew there would be no turning back. I wrote a post that responds to this post better, which I’ll link below if you’re feeling lovely to check out 🙂 Not knowing exactly where you’re going in life really makes everything a little more exciting, and as you said, figuring out what you want to do at your own pace is the best part xx

    The post: http://wanderlustgirl-kb.blogspot.ca/2017/03/important-decisions-following-your.html
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    • Diana Maria

      I have felt the same way so often in my life, it sounds like we’ve had pretty similar experiences! I will definitely check out your post as well love xx

  • I constantly wonder what I’m going to do in my future. I stared a collage career but I left in the middle to start working. I found a job that I don’t like and I hope to leave it so I can devote myself to something more beautiful and fulfilling!

    • Diana Maria

      I’m glad you’re on the path to finding something you have a passion for, I wish you all the best Roberta I’m sure you will find it on your way xx

  • I always wonder what I am doing with my life or where I will end up. Sometimes it worries me and other times I take it day by day.

    Emily | http://emilytrinhcreative.com/blog

    • Diana Maria

      I agree, each day is a different journey. Thank you for reading Emily xx

  • The unknown can be pretty scary, it definitely is to me, but you’re so right when you say that there’s also beauty in it. ‘Everyone’s path is different’ – that to me is one of the most important things we have to realise. There’s no right or wrong way to live life, it’s all about doing what feels right to us, not about letting other people’s expectations pressure us into following a certain path x


    • Diana Maria

      It can be a difficult thing to realize, but once we do I think it makes the pressure much easier to overcome! Thank you for stopping by Sara xx

  • I used to be scared about the future and not knowing where my life is going but I always try and live life with the motto of collecting moments, not things. Life is short, it’s a gift – we have to do things that makes us happy and beings us joy. I left my job when I was unhappy, I save to travel because it makes me happen – there’s no right or wrong path, just follow the one that calls out to you!

    Lovely post Diana 🙂

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Diana Maria

      It’s comforting to know so many of us are afraid as well! Good for you for leaving what made you unhappy and following what you felt was right Hanh. Thank you love xx

  • Love this post. Life is not meant to be lived in one place and I’d love to travel more. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.
    Jaz xoxo

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Jasmine! I agree, travel is a wonderful part of life I couldn’t see myself without. I’m glad you could resonate with this xx

  • Kim

    Absolutely 100% agree, none of us know what we are doing, bahaha! So glad we’re following each other on instagram, btw!

    Simply Lovebirds

    • Diana Maria

      Me too Kim, you have such a lovely feed! Thank you for reading 🙂

  • I graduated with a degree in journalism. The second I graduated, I realised I didn’t want to be a journalist. Haha, oops! It’s been a journey. I started following my passions & it’s grown ever since. :]

    // itsCarmen.com

    • Diana Maria

      Haha I also pursued journalism but have been constantly wondering if it’s what I truly want. I’m glad you’re searching for your true passion Carmen! xx

  • I felt that way for a really long time. After I finished school, I wanted to go into marketing but whilst doing internships I realised it wasn’t for me. I found it really hard to admit that to myself though and felt pretty lost and unhappy for a long time. I’m now studying psychology and I love it so much – sometimes things that seem really and can turn into something really good. And like you said, the unknown is scary but instead of fearing it we should embrace it xx


    • Diana Maria

      I’m so glad you were able to find what it is that you truly love to do Mira! Good for you love, I think life has a way of working itself out like that. Thank you for reading xx

  • Fabiana Aguilar Fernandez

    Completely agree! just discovered your blog… love it!!


    • Diana Maria

      Thank you so much Fabiana! 🙂

  • Uncertainty can be such a terrifying thing but I think we just have to embrace it and trust that things will fall in place, even though it can be hard to get into that mindset. Sometimes we might think we are certain about something but then life throws in other possibilities and opportunities. There are often expectations but you’re right in that the most important are the ones we set for ourselves and that ultimately we should be happy and passionate about what we are doing.
    Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post – I look forward to reading more from you, Diana!
    word drift

    • Diana Maria

      I definitely agree with you Beverly, there are so many unpredictable moments in life and it’s so important to do what we love in between. Thank you!

  • Things are always so uncertain and it’s crazy how fast the months go by now that college is over! I guess there is a lot of comfort in the fact that we’re all confused and figuring it out. I think the fact that everyone has a different path makes it especially difficult at times since it’s hard not to compare or gauge your success by looking at others…but I guess it’s all a process! It does give me excitement knowing that not all is figured out and I have a lot of unknowns to figure out–being all settled down seems boring to me!

    Characters & Carry-ons

    • Diana Maria

      I think so too Joyce, it’s comforting knowing so many of us feel the same way! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post love xx

  • such a wonderful place! love your blog 😉

    The White Ocean

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Lena! 🙂

  • Rosy Ferry

    This is such a great post, I love how you’ve pointed out that it is fine to yearn for different things to your friends 🙂

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Rosy! I’m glad you enjoyed xx

  • I love posts like this hun love your style of writing and photos are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Dominica from London, http://www.dominicas.uk xXx

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Dominica! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Nothing more true than the unknown being unknown. I have no idea what I will be doing but this post is sure helpful

  • I love the unknown. I see it as something very exciting. I have learnt to not expect or plan too much. Life is too predictable for that! xx