How To Fall In Love With Your Workout

The gym and I have always had a love hate relationship. In all honesty, I used to loathe going to the gym to work out.  I dreaded every second of my work outs and would make up any excuse I could just to leave early. I stuck to one side of the gym (cardio) and never ventured out of my comfort zone. These days, things couldn’t be more different. I’ve fallen in love with the gym and with the way it has me feeling afterwards.

Switch Up Your Routine

One thing that keeps me going to the gym is constantly switching up my workout routine. I’m always on the look out for new workout videos on Instagram to add in some new exercises. Sticking to the same machines and routines often left me feeling bored and unmotivated. I’m currently loving Danielle RobertsonKatie Crewe, and Tammy Hembrow. Check out these ladies for inspiration!

Don’t Let Intimidation Stop You

I used to be extremely shy at the gym; there were parts of the gym I hadn’t even seen for months until recently. It’s okay to have no idea how certain machines work and to be afraid to venture off to the more intimidating sides of the gym. Don’t let the fear stop you from pushing through towards your goals. Everyone was a beginner once, too. Ask someone who works at the gym to show you how a few of the machines work- they’re always glad to help! A small tutorial will go a long way.

Work Out Your Lifestyle

I used to roll my eyes whenever I heard someone utter the saying, “fitness isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle”. Well, here I am a few years later to tell you that I am now one of those people. I know, I know, but it’s the honest truth. When you start working out, you realize how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to eat well. All of that hard work could be lost if you neglect your diet. Stay on the lookout for healthy recipes you can add into your diet!

Make The Commitment

At the end of the day, adopting a healthy lifestyle and workout plan is a commitment. It’s a dedication of your time, energy and willpower. It’s not easy, but once you find your own routine, it’ll be simpler to stick to. Seeing and feeling the results of leading a healthy lifestyle have been motivation for me alone. I used to put off making the commitment whenever I could; I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll start next week, and so it went. One day I simply decided I was going to really invest my time in this commitment, and I haven’t looked back since.


What are some of your ways to keep your workout routine fun and motivating? I’d love to hear some of your tips and tricks!


  • Shannon

    I can definitely relate to losing motivation to get to the gym! Sometimes it feels like there’s just too many other things happening and I can’t be bothered. I always regret it though. I’ve found that going to classes has made it so much easier for me. This way I don’t have to come up with a routine or worry if I’m even doing the exercise correctly. Great post!

    Shann Eileen |

    • Diana Maria

      I have the same problem, it can be so hard finding the motivation to go! I used to take classes too, they make working out so much more interesting. Thanks for reading Shannon xx

  • Great advice! I find keeping my end goal in mind (feeling better, looking better, all of it!) helps a ton!

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Chelsea! xx

  • I can totally relate to the whole fitness lifestyle thing – a few years ago I just thought people who said that were obsessed, but I understand it now haha! And it’s amazing to see how much working out consistently and in a way that makes you happy changes you for the better. Intimidation is something I have to work on though, and you’re right – everybody was a beginner once, so facing other people should not be a reason to avoid the gym. Wise words 🙂

    Julia x
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    • Diana Maria

      I used to think the same thing! I’m glad you enjoyed the post Julia 🙂

  • That acai bowl looks so tasty! I definitely want to try make that one day. Loving the inspo in this post 🙂

    Anika |

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Anika xx

  • I’ve only just done my first workout in a really long time yesterday. Feeling it today. Any time I’ve tried to stick to exercise it hasn’t worked out very well. This time I’m just going REALLY slowly. But I won’t be venturing to the Gym and sticking to at home work outs because that’s what I’m comfortable with.

    • Diana Maria

      Good for you Melanie! I work out at home a lot too and love it, good luck with your workouts xx

  • I really wish I could fall in love with my workouts. I am really struggling at the moment, but still dragging my ass to the gym every single day!

    Danielle xx

    • Diana Maria

      Good for you for still going to the gym Danielle! I felt the same for so long, I hope you keep finding that motivation xx

  • This is such a great post beaut. Switching things up is so important x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you love!

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Love the first quote. So deep and spot on!
    Switching up the routine definitely helps and gives a bit of excitement 🙂

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Yara! xx

  • Miss Uncover

    Switching up the routine is one of the main things that keep me motivated. Also working out with someone else!

    • Diana Maria

      Agreed! Having a workout partner has helped me stay motivated so much more than before xx

  • Sheena Sreekeessoon
    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Sheena!

  • I loved this post and I needed this at this time! Really going to try these tips!

    Fix Me In Forty Five


    • Diana Maria

      Thank you, good luck Stacey! xx

  • Finding what works for you is essential I think! Now that I have a little bit more time on my hands, i’m looking forward to redefining what that means to me. I tried out a few classes that I’ve been wanting to – e.g. kick-boxing – and LOVED it! Whereas I know, certain aspects of the gym just really intimidate me!
    Also, I love The 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins for a real – ‘kick’ into getting stuff done. I listened to it on audible and now want to go back and relisten for an added boost! Would highly recommend (for in general motivation!) 🙂 Love! Ana xxx

    • Diana Maria

      I’ll definitely check that out as I’m always looking for new inspiration! Glad to hear you’ve been finding what works for you! xx

  • I really need to work on this because I have been wanting to join a gym for so long, but I just never actually do it. Love your advice!

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Katherine, good luck! 🙂

  • The Sunday Mode

    I was the exact same. I always used to make excuses but then one day I just said to myself nope, I’m making the commitment right now and so far i’ve stuck to it for around two months and I’m still going strong! I think a big thing as well is not making it seem like a punishment in your head, you know?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Diana Maria

      Good for you Julia! I’m glad to hear that, I used to see it as such a punishment so you’re definitely right about shifting your mindset xx

  • Yana Kasekamp

    Love all your tips. They are extremely important when beginning a fitness journey. This might be weird, but I always get motivated even more when I get a new workout gear. 🙂