Good Eats: Kelly’s Vegan Bakery


With bikini season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to step up your health regime and discover delicious, guilt free ingredients. Eating healthy is about so much more than looking good. It’s about treating your body with care, and feeling good while doing it.

With my yoga practice now an integral part of my daily routine, I’ve realized the importance of eating well. My energy, strength and overall mood relies so heavily on what I put into my body. My Lovelier Days will be introducing monthly posts that focus on health, so all of you lovely readers can follow along my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

When you hear the words gluten-free and vegan, you might wonder, how could that possibly taste good?! I was quite the skeptic as I love my dairy and have never sought out healthy sweets before. I had always thought that if it was missing dairy, it couldn’t be worth trying. So, you could say I was a disbeliever. While exploring the downtown core of Burlington this week, I passed by a bake shoppe I had heard so much about.

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is a bakery owned by a dynamic mother and daughter duo. Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie use only organic, fair-trade and plant based ingredients. Pink details decorate the shop, giving it a wholesome, welcoming atmosphere. I have always ventured out to support local shops that put love and care into their products.

I fell head over heels with the shop. Everything in the shop is vegan, gluten and peanut free- everything!  I ordered myself an iced green tea, and a few cupcakes to try.

bake health

 I had always lived under the assumption that any baked good missing dairy wasn’t worth trying, and this shoppe truly changed my mind. The cupcakes were rich, soft, and so tender I couldn’t believe they were dairy-free!

I would encourage all of my readers to venture out and give dairy and gluten free sweets a chance. When you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, baked goods like these are the perfect alternative!

  • Looks so good! We don’t have nay shops that sell vegan products where I live it’s really hard to find anything! I really wish we had more shops that sold it because vegan products actually taste great and they’re so much better for you! x


    • Diana Maria

      It can be hard to find places, but hopefully more start to pop up as people embrace vegan products more openly xx

  • This looks and sounds wonderful. I was a vegan for 3 years and so wished I’d have experimented more with treats like these!

    Katie //

    • Diana Maria

      It was a lovely experience! That’s so impressive Katie, I’m not sure I could go completely vegan but I’d definitely like to incorporate it more into my diet xx

  • Sounds like a very lovely bakery! I haven’t tried dairy free bakes but now I’m very tempted to. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Diana Maria

      I think you’d enjoy them if you gave them a chance, thanks for reading Leta! xx

  • I love that there are so many vegan bakeries popping up on streets now. I’m not vegan but I enjoy vegan bakeries/cafes mostly because they’re so homey!

    cabin twenty-four

    • Diana Maria

      I completely agree Eena, they’re so homey and unique!

  • Violette

    It looks super delicious!

    • Diana Maria

      It really was! xx

  • That cupcake looks so cute and delicious! I’m so into vegan and healthier baked good! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    • Diana Maria

      They really were, I’m glad you’re looking at healthier options as well 🙂

  • Oh this place sounds amazing. I love making vegan cupcakes, people always seem to enjoy them more than ones with dairy in. Plus, I like to be sneaky and not tell them they’re vegan to start with, proving to them that vegan cupcakes can definitely taste as delicious and naughty as normal ones.

    • Diana Maria

      Haha that’s great, I think so many people would be surprised at how tasty vegan options can be!

  • Rachel M

    Where is this!? It looks amazing. We’ve been incorporating more vegetarian/vegan options our diet and I would totally try this place.

    -Rachel @ Backcountry Petite

    • Diana Maria

      This is in Burlington on Brant Street, right downtown! It’s such a lovely place I’d definitely recommend it!

  • Lovely place! Hope that you include pictures inside the place.


    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Sheena!

  • this bakery looks to cute to be true and even though i’m not vegan or gluten free, i go for those options especially when it comes to baked goods.

    • Diana Maria

      They taste surprisingly good, and I thought it was too good to be true when I found it too!

  • Yummy this place looks so cute

    • Diana Maria

      Thanks Laura 🙂

  • What a cute place!

    • Diana Maria

      Agreed! xx

  • I had some amazing vegan baked goods in the past, a friend of mine is a vegan, but I don´t understand why they are supposed to be healthier?

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Diana Maria

      From what I’ve learned so far, milk is always at center with the debate as well as with dairy products in general. Some say they feel far better and less bloated without dairy, others question whether milk is truly healthy. Personally, I’m not sure just yet where I stand so I’ve been trying to lessen my dairy intake to see if I feel a difference xx

      • I don´t drink milk per se, but I love cheese and yogurt and that stuff. I think it is very important to not drink the processed fat reduced stuff if you do, just like it is with bread. Most of the times it is the added things that make you feel bloated.

        • Diana Maria

          Me too, I have such a soft spot for cheese and yogurt! It’s so good with everything, I think limiting things that do make you bloated can help if you don’t want to cut them completely out of your diet. It’s what I try to do 🙂

  • Love this, what a cute little place! x

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you 🙂

  • paulina siedlecka

    what a cute place! lovely photos 🙂

    This Girl Loves Chic xx

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Paulina xx

  • I love the decor & ambience! It’s so adorable. I love having vegan alternatives. :]


    • Diana Maria

      Thanks Carmen, I do too it’s so great to have choice xx

  • Carina Vardie

    I’ve only had once vegan cupcakes and they were delicious. This little bakery is adorable.


    • Diana Maria

      Me too, who knew vegan cupcakes would be so good!

  • That place sounds so lovely 🙂

    ❤️ Alyssa // STYLE VANITY // Instagram

    • Diana Maria

      Thanks Alyssa, it really is!

  • This sounds amazing! The pastries all look so yum!

    x Annabelle

    • Diana Maria

      They were delicious! 🙂