How To Find Yourself Through Travel


People often turn to travel when they are in search of something. It could be a fresh start, new friends, a unique experience, adventure, or some kind of deeper answer to life’s many questions. One of the most common reasons we travel is that we yearn to embark on the journey of finding our true selves- what ever that may be.

As someone who has traveled ever since I was young, I’m a firm believer that you can find your true self when you venture off into the unknown. I also believe that simply traveling to a far off destination isn’t enough to find the truth in yourself that you’re looking for. It takes a lot of self awareness and effort to gain a deeper meaning from travel.

Here are a few of the things I have found that can help you get closer to finding your true self through travel:

Do What You’re Afraid To Do

Are you nervous to travel because you’re afraid to leave the comfort of your job, friends, family, or relationship? I can list hundreds of reasons why you should be afraid to travel and why it would be much more comforting to stay at home- but you already know most of these. Stepping out of your comfort zone and testing your courage is the first step to finding and embracing a strength you may have never known you had otherwise!


Keep A Journal

Write about your experiences while you travel. Write about your dreams, how you feel, and everything and anything you can think of while abroad. It’s not always easy to remember details of your trips and important lessons learned while on the road. A journal is the perfect way to save your memories, and self reflect as you grow through your travels.

Talk To Strangers

You’d be surprised by what you can learn from talking to those you meet along your travels. Of course, I don’t mean talk to anyone and everyone- go about this with caution and make sure you’re safe when meeting new people. The thought of talking to strangers may make you a little anxious- I know it did for me, but the stories and lessons you can learn from simple conversations can be so rewarding and life altering that it really is worth the risk.

Acknowledge Your Strengths 

You will undoubtedly come across obstacles and hardships while traveling. Getting lost, misplacing luggage, and even getting pick pocketed are some of the things you could encounter. Sometimes you’ll feel frustrated, on the brink of giving up and as though you’re failing. These are the moments that build you up and make you stronger, but only if you accept them for what they are. Traveling isn’t always luxurious and relaxing, but the obstacles are worth it and are the very thing that help you find out more about who you are.


Embrace Each Day

To make the best of each day of travel, wake up with the mindset that you’re going to do everything you can to make it a worthwhile experience. Try different foods. Learn about the country’s culture. Go skydiving. Hike up a mountain. If it’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing, don’t let it pass you by! It’s up to you to make each day a memorable one, and the more energy you put into making that happen, the more you will learn about yourself and what it is that inspires you.

  • I love travelling! Thanks for the suggestions!

    • Diana Maria

      Of course, I’m glad you enjoyed them!

  • Brazen Brunette

    Loved reading this post, you are making me want to embark on an adventure! And I love the tip of keeping a journal, I can imagine it would be so rewarding to look back on your travels and your mindset at the time. So happy I found your blog and hope you’re having a great weekend!

    xoxo Nicole

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Nicole, I’m glad I could spark some wanderlust in you! It’s such a wonderful feeling to look back on old journals from past travels! I hope you have a great weekend too love!

  • Fab post, such a great read. I love travelling so much xx

    Glossy Boutique

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Emma, don’t we all! xo

  • I really enjoyed this post. It’s very inspiring. I love, love, love travelling around the world. I just came across your blog and I’m loving it! Hope you have a great week! xx

    Ale |

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Maria, I’m glad you could find some inspiration within this post! I hope you have a great week too love!

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I definitely think I become a “better” person when I travel because I do talk to strangers because I assume I will never see them again. I also try new things and things I normally wouldn’t! This is a lovely post xx

    • Diana Maria

      Me too! It definitely helps with getting outside of your comfort zone and talking to others you normally wouldn’t bother speaking to! Thank you Adaleta!

  • Keeping a journal such a great idea. I always did it on my travels & it such trip to read back on them. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Carmen! It’s always so surprising to look back on old journals from travelling. Such a great way to relive the experience and see who you were at that time!

  • Love these tips! Also can I say that I love the photos you’ve selected for this, and the fact that you’re turned away from the camera in all of them. Visually, it’s very pleasing, especially with the beautiful landscapes in the background – love it! ^_^

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Claire! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and the photos as well!

  • grace

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your lovely blog – this post is just what I needed to read! I’m going travelling in September and I can’t wait to experience loads of new things and ultimately take myself out of my comfort zone!

    Grace | eat, write + explore x

    • Diana Maria

      Thank you Grace, that’s so sweet of you! You must be so excited to go travelling, I’ll be doing the same this spring and am incredibly excited. I hope you have a wonderful trip full of growing experiences and wonderful memories!

  • minaali

    This post makes me want to travel everywhere! Love it. <3

    The Snap Narrative