Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

Another year has come and gone, bringing on yet another season of gift-giving for the Christmas holidays. Whether you’re almost finished purchasing thoughtful gifts for loved ones, or haven’t yet started, I’ve got you covered. I’ve put together a great list of gifts for your last minute shopping.

Daily Kindness by National Geographic

I recently wrote a review on this wonderful book by National Geographic that I was lucky enough to receive. This is a book I couldn’t recommend more highly.

Daily Kindness: 365 Days of Compassion is a beautifully curated collection of inspiring quotes for each day of the year. Each month, starting from January, you will practice a new virtue with thought-provoking quotes to inspire you along the way. This is a perfect Christmas gift for the new year to inspire goal setting and change.

christmas gift earrings

Happiness Boutique Jewelry

When I received my Happiness Boutique earrings in the mail, I was so pleasantly surprised by the lovely packaging and quality of these earrings! My package included a small bookmark with an uplifting quote, a small personalized card with my name on it, beautiful gold statement earrings and these lovely silver chandelier earrings. These earrings are my new favourite earrings- I honestly wasn’t expecting to be so taken by them but they are beautifully made, and would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Use the code mylovelierdays to get 10% off any order over 19 euros until January 19th!


Passport Cover

Passport Cover - Frosted Floral

If you have an adventurer or traveler in your life, this is an easy buy for them! I received a passport cover from Chapters a few years ago and still use it to this day. I highly recommend getting a passport cover like this one for your loved ones who jetset across the globe. As an avid traveler- I love receiving anything that can help me along on my trips.

Luggage Tags

Cottage Floral Luggage Tag

This is another immensely useful gift for the avid traveler- luggage tags! It may seem like a simple gift, but it’s something all travelers could use but don’t always buy for themselves. Each time I’m at the airport desperately searching for my luggage, I wonder why I didn’t tag my luggage to make the search a little easier. You definitely cannot go wrong with a set of luggage tags for your globetrotting loved one.

Image result for sealegacy poster

The Gift of Giving

The best gift you can give someone is one that makes a difference. Recently, I’ve been following along SeaLegacy’s efforts towards marine conservation and raising awareness on global warming and our oceans. There are many gifts you can buy for others, or even for yourself, where the proceeds will go towards a noble and incredibly important cause.

The Jane Goodall Institute is also one whose cause I strongly support where you can find an abundant variety of gifts for the special people in your life.

  • Emily

    These are some really lovely, unique presents Diana! What a wonderful idea to donate money and make a difference. Just think what a difference we could make if we all did something like that…now that’s a happy Christmas!

    Musings & More

  • LOVE J

    Great post, The Happiness Boutique Jewelry sounds good, love to have some of their items. xoxo

  • Miss Uncover

    I’ve never thought of passport covers, it’d be perfect for my friend!

  • I love bits like passport covers and luggage tags, they are something that always comes in so handy!

    Danielle xx

  • These are all such great last-minute gift ideas! I really like the idea of giving a gift that makes a difference! I feel that is something many people on my list will truly appreciate this time of year.


  • Those earrings are so cute, great gift ideas

  • This is a great last minute guide! The passport holder and luggage tags are so cute, I got them as a gift once and I think they’re such a fun gift idea! x

  • Adore the ‘I’m outta here’ passport cover!

    Vivian | LIVE IN LOVE
    IG | @viviyunn_


  • Fab ideas, I still have a few bits to grab over Christmas to makeup the value of some peoples gifts – I like the jewellery idea – too late to order online but I’m sure accessorize will be a good stop off place as an alternative.
    Helpless Whilst Drying

  • These are amazing ideas, luggage tags and passport holders are always a great idea, I’ve lost so many luggage tags over the years haha (luckily never my luggage though!). I also love the last idea, the gift of giving. Last Christmas my donated a goat to people in need in her boyfriend’s name – it was an Oxfam initiative and such a good idea in my opinion. I’m actually going Christmas shopping today, I got all of my presents but of course my little brother doesn’t haha. xx

  • These gifts are gorgeous, I’m so glad I finished all my Christmas shopping weeks ago though! x

    Gemma Louise

  • I had no idea that National Geographic had any books out! I left some gifts right up until the very last minute and I so wish I hadn’t

    Steph –

  • #sweetreats

    I liked your selection of the gift guides. I’ve seen quite a few but I’ve particularly favored yours,especially the luggage tags.

    #sweetreats xx

  • The Daily Kindness book looks like a lovely gift idea. I love little self-help books. Also loving that reindeer wrapping paper!

  • Dear Diana, I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA from the blogging world for so long, I’m so glad I’m back catching up with your inspiring blog, it’s literally the most positive and amazing blog I have ever come across!
    I hate that I didn’t read this post before Christmas! Passport holders and luggage tags are things that literally no one buys for themselves and they are SO useful, so it makes the perfect gift! If I had read this before I would definitely have given a passport holder for my friends.

    I hope you’re doing great and Happy New Year! xx

  • Kim

    Eep I love the earrings from Happiness Boutique! I love that we got the same pair. SO cute! And the passport cover is adorable! I need it!

  • Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!!! Wishing you a wonderful 2018 and can’t wait to see more posts from you!

    Layla xx