My Destination Bucket List- Part 1


If you’ve ever been to Europe you know that there are endless cities to wander, history to explore, and cultures to admire. I’m excited to announce that this Summer I am planning to do just that- I’ll be taking a two month solo-backpacking trip through Europe after finishing my four year degree at University. It has been my long time dream to travel Europe for years now, and although I’ve been lucky enough to see a small part of Europe (England, Germany, Poland, and Amsterdam), there is much more to see beyond those places! Here are a few of the places on my list that I’ll be travelling to this summer:

Venice, Italy

Venice is a city known for its alluring romance and history. My parents lived in Venice for a short period of time and always reminisce on the city’s beauty and how much they’d love to go back, so this is one I can’t miss! Tuscany, Rome, Florence, the Almafi Coast and Cinque Terre are also on my list of places to see in Italy.

Santorini, Greece

Stunning views, peaceful sunsets, and serene beaches are just few of the things that have drawn me to plan a visit to Greece. Greek culture is in itself has so much to offer and has always been so alluring with its diversity that I couldn’t resist wanting to immerse myself in this beautiful island.

Prague, Czech Republic

I absolutely love the look of Prague- it reminds me of Paris with its narrow streets full of beautiful buildings, churches and shops. Full of rich history and gorgeous architecture, Prague is a city with so much to do and explore that it would be a loss to overlook the largest city in the Czech Republic.

Barcelona, Spain

World-class art museums, winding alleys of the Gothic Quarter, and blissful beaches are where I will be beginning my backpacking trip through Europe. Those who visit Spain always seem to have the same story to tell- they fell in love with the country and its culture upon arrival, and found it heartbreakingly hard to leave behind. San Sebastian, and Madrid are also on my list of places to stop by in Spain.

Krakow, Poland

My parents are originally from Poland and so I’ve been lucky enough to visit every few years to see my family. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to Poland in a few years but I would do anything to see Krakow again. The stunning churches, brick walkways and Eastern hospitality can make almost anyone feel at home. I’ve also added Jelenia Gora, and Poznan to my list of places to visit within Poland.

Bavaria, Germany

The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is one of the many landmarks I’d love to visit in the country. This castle looks as though it came straight out of a fairy tale and is one of the most enchanting buildings I have ever seen. Dresden and Freiburg are also on my list of places to see in Germany however, my list is still growing and I will definitely add more stops in Germany.


  • I want to go to Santorini soooo badly it’s unbelievable! Lets just book a flight and go?
    Millie xx

    • Diana Maria

      Ever since I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I couldn’t get Greece out of my head, and gosh I’d love to I’m always dreaming up future travels 🙂

  • Hi! Great post, and I have to say I’m feeling super envious right now! I’m currently in my first year of sixth form and am hoping to travel Europe in the Summer of 2016 when I leave, but I was just wondering whether you completely plan your own trips, or do you go with a specific company? I know that there are various inter-railing companies, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t know where to start! I’ve only ever flown once in my whole life, and so the thought of travelling alone or with a few friends terrifies me but it’s always been something I wanted to do.
    I look forward to reading more about your travels!
    Lauren x

    • Diana Maria

      Hi Lauren, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! That sounds so exciting, time will pass by so quickly before you even know it you’ll be flying out to Europe! I don’t go with tour companies only because I like to have a bit more time to myself and see the places that truly interest me. I’d definitely get an interrail pass or something of the sort for Europe! I often plan out where I’d like to visit, how long, and which hostels I’d stay at- all of which I book along the way as plans often change. If you plan a trip in advance and feel prepared I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time whether with friends or solo!