Planning A Euro Trip: Beginner’s Style


blogBefore you find yourself wandering through cobblestone streets, enjoying authentic cappuccinos and stone oven pizza, you’re going to have to take a few steps back and start with the basics.

For some, trip planning is something they’d rather completely avoid altogether while for others (like myself) planning the trip is almost as exciting as the trip itself! Planning your travels doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful- if you have the right tools, it can be simple and help you create your ideal trip. Here’s how to get started with planning your trip abroad:

Set A Budget– One of the first things you should do is set a budget. Know how much you can spend on a daily basis, how much your flight can cost you, and how much extra money you have left at the end of each day to spend on yourself and activities. Europe is very expensive in the summer, so being careful with your spending is crucial!

Check Out Accommodation – Whether you plan on staying in hostels or hotels make sure to research accommodation prices for the time you plan on being in a certain city. You might want to book your accommodation as you go which is great, but make sure you have backup spots just in case of lack of vacancies- this does actually happen sometimes! Prices vary from city to city, and can be expected to rise for the summer which is why it’s important to have an idea of when you’ll be travelling and where to. HostelWorld is great for finding the best hostels and rates for around the world and is what I use to find potential hostels on my trips.

Map Out Your Route/ Places To See– You may not have an exact itinerary of where you wish to go, and you might not want to make one- that’s completely okay! Having a rough idea of where you want to travel to can help you sort out transportation routes prior to getting to your destination. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a country where English isn’t the first language, and you have no idea what to see or how to get there. Check out some travelling vlogs, blogs, or even Instagram to find a country’s hidden gems and best spots to visit.

These three things might seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised to know how many people forget take the time to consider and plan these aspects of their trip (I’m guilty of this on so many occasions and let me tell you, regrets were felt) so I urge all of my fellow travelers to follow these three simple steps to planning your trip so that you’re even just the slightest bit prepared to embark on your adventure in Europe.

What are some things you do to plan for your travels? Let me know your tips and tricks below!

  • if you want to travel europe a good tip is get the interrail, a train ticket that allows you to travel most european countries at a low price. i’m planning to do it(:

    xx from Italy
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | **Enter my Sephora Giveaway<3**

    • Diana Maria

      That’s a great tip, thank you! I’ve been looking into doing just that and may do a complete separate post on it as I think it’s an easier and more convenient way to travel!

      • you’re welcome! yes it’s a great solution(: you should definitely write a post on it! then let me know (twitter maybe?) when it’s up that id like to read it(: xx

  • Oh, have fun in Europe! I’m sure you’ll love it. And yes, I’ll definitely say that it is essential to have something planned in order to not get lost. When I plan my travels, I always check for the best local restaurants! You might find some really great food! Have a lovely day,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

    • Diana Maria

      Thanks Vera! That’s a great idea, I love having a few good meals in every new place I visit just to get a taste of the culture and to experience something different! xo

  • I am planning to go to Spain for a few months and I need to get started on planning my trip. I am definitely one of those people who hate planning trips, so thanks for the tips! 🙂

    Emily || Always Emily

  • MarshallKohl

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