Shellys London Haul




If you know me, you know that I’m one to walk around in the same pair of shoes until they’re so worn down I have no choice but to go shoe shopping. There’s always been something about shoe shopping that has stressed me out, and although I love having shoes- I really hate shopping for them!

Last weekend I went on a mission to buy a pair of new shoes not expecting much, and to my surprise ended up leaving with to two pairs of Shellys from Little Burgundy and Stance. I’ve never heard of Shellys before but am so glad I stumbled upon these shoes. Shellys is a London based company which may explain why I love them so much- I absolutely love shoe shopping in London, England because it’s so simple and there are so many options!

The first pair I bought is called the FUNCLUO, which I’m wearing in the first photo. The outside material is what they use for converse, and they have a bit of a heel but are so comfortable you barely notice! The second pair are called the SEVALLA, which are more for every day use and are also really comfortable. Shellys prices aren’t too high and are pretty reasonable for the great quality of shoes, so if you’re looking for a new shoe brand to try I’d highly recommend Shellys! I’m still searching for a fancier pair of shoes that have a small heel, and have my heart set on a pair of Steve Maddens I came across which might soon become an addition to my small but ever growing shoe collection!

Have any shoe brands to recommend? Let me know in the comments!