Simple and Chic Flower Crown DIY


I’ve had an ongoing obsession with anything and everything floral for as long as I can remember, and floral crowns are no exception. I love the natural look of floral crowns and since Halloween is creeping up on us, I’ve decided to do a little DIY on floral crowns.

Here’s what you’ll need:



Floral Wire

Faux Flowersimage

♡ Take the thick wire and bend it into a circular shape. Fit the shape around your head to make sure you have the perfect fit before cutting the wire, then, cut the wire with pliers

♡ Take the floral wire and wrap it around the two ends to connect both pieces

♡ Take the faux flowers and cut the stems off of each flower you intend on using


♡ Place the floral wire through the stem of the flower and wrap it around the thick wire. Wrap the floral wire around the flower until it’s secure

♡ Repeat the process until you’re happy with the pattern of flowers and your completed crown! You can change the pattern of flowers to what ever you’d like and get creative with it!



And voila! You have yourself a lovely floral crown just like that!